Mining Buddys is a platform where you can buy and Sell Asics machines. We ensure we met your investment with profitability as per the Crypto market! We provide a complete setup of your Asics along with after-sales services.

There are 2 ways you can place your order! You can order from our website or, you can call our customer care or WhatsApp on +91 9699002579 and we will help you place your order.

We accept online (UPI, IMPS), offline, bank transfers, and cheques.

Delivery time is 15 working days. All the products are on Pre-Book basis. We also have a few ready-to-ship stocks to find out about availability. Follow us on Instagram or connect with our sales team.

All ASIC miners sold by Mining Buddys (new and used) are provided with their original, manufacturer-provided power supply cables and therefore they are fit for use with Chinese power outlets only.

However, any other type of power socket can be easily purchased online or at most electronics stores

To provide the necessary conditions for the successful operation of the miner, we would advise you to prepare a stable network and power supply as well as a ventilated environment. Once this is done, you may wish to review the user guide, apply for a mining pool account and watch some tutorials relevant to your specific miner.

When running an ASIC miner please make sure you have the right environmental conditions. Some small miners such as the Gold shell KD-box and Dogecoin Mini miners are built for use at home or the office. However, if you are running a larger and more powerful ASIC miner at home, you need to ensure you have ventilation and cooling systems in place to stop the miner from overheating. This way you can reduce your downtime and keep the miner running and profitable throughout the year.

If you are interested in a home or office use miner, we would recommend one of the “Box” miners from the gold shell.

These miners have low power consumption, low noise levels, and high performance:


Although our operations are handled from India, all of our miners are stored in and shipped from our Hong Kong and China shipping facilities.

Yes, you can connect with our sales team, Place your order over the phone with the required payment amount. Our team will then share the invoice with you

Can I reserve a unit that is currently out of stock by paying for it in advance?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept payment for units that aren’t listed as available for pre-order on our website.

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T&C Applied Introducing interest-free EMI SERVICES on brand new ASIC and GPU